What are the fundraising ideas?

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What are the fundraising ideas?

Hello ! Sit down . What is the date today ? What day is it today ? How are you today? 

You see some smiles on your desks . They`ll help you to answer the is question . Everyone has smiles . All of them have different emotions you should choose only 1 which is corresponding to your mood . Look at the board , please . You can see the letters which are standed  in incorrect order . You should make 3 words using the letters (must,should,may) . Well done .

How can you white all these words ? We`ve talked about modal verbs at previous lessons . Now I`ll give the cards and you should work in pairs . At these cards you have some questions about modal verbs . You should ask your neighbour every question . If the answer is correct you should write «+» ; if it`s incorrect you should write «-» . After finishing you should change your cards . You have 3 minutes . Well done .Don`t forget to write them down . Now turn over your cards . What do you see ? Unite all these words . What are they doing ! Well done . The topic of our lesson is «flow do you help your neighbourhood ?»

Natasha , take our cards and put them on my desk . Write down the topic of our lesson .

Open your books at p.38 you can see Word Box with new words . Let`s listen and follow . Repeat after me . Read in chain . I think that you`ve paid attention that you assessment papers have different colour . Who has red ? 

Your places are there . Who has white ? Your places are there . Now we`ll work in groups . 

  1. Look on the board , you can see the pictures and the words . Your task is to match them .Let`s check . Well done . Asses yourself .
  2. You see the cards with our words in my hands . I have words for every team . I`ll show you the card and I tell you the word`s translation . You should tell am I right or not? 
  3. At the beginning of our lesson . We`ve revised mod verbs , our right ? Every team has 10 cards with different words . I offer ked team to find modal verbs . White team to find our words . Are you ready? Let`s cheek . Red read you words ? Now white . Assess yourselves . 
  4. Are you tired ? I think that we need to move . You see the table for every team . There are words on this table , but they are in Russian . Every member of your team should come , read the word in Russian and tell it in English .
  5. At previous lesson we`ve read with the text in which children are going to help their neighbourhood . Now I offer you to make a list how can you help your neighbourhood . Every team has the paper which can help to do it . Are you ready ? Let`s read red team ? White team ? Assess yourselves . Well done .
  6. Your work was very good today . What have you learnt during the lesson ? During all the lesson you assessed yourselves . Please , take it and come to me .

Your homework is to learn these words by heart . Thank you for your work . Good bay . 


What are the fundraising ideas?
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