автор: Лазуренко Оксана Николаевна

Учитель английского языка Муниципального бюджетного общеобразовательного учреждения Вечерней ( сменной) общеобразовательной школы

Конспект урока английского языка

Конспект урока по английскому языку

Класс: 4 в

Учебник: « Rainbow English» Афанасьева О.В.

Закрепление лексики и грамматики по теме: « Погода. Безличные предложения. Степени сравнения прилагательных.»

Тип урока: Закрепление знаний

Вид урока: Практическое занятие

Цель: Выработка умений по применению знаний, формирование УУД на разных этапах урока

Цели обучения: формирование у обучающихся практического опыта, тренировка навыков употребления лексических единиц в речи.

Цель развития: развивать умения общаться, дать возможность раскрыть личностные качества (самостоятельность, внимание, мышление).

Воспитательные цели: формировать у обучающихся культуру общения, доброжелательные взаимоотношения и дисциплинированность.

Дидактический раздаточный материал: фразы для диалога, картинки для аудирования

Задания-карточки для самостоятельной работы: квадрат с буквами.

Наглядность: картинки ( погода), лото, звуки [ ]


  1. Организационный момент.


Good morning. My name is Lazurenko O. N. Today I’ll tell you how we can train words and grammar rules. My friends  gave me a present yesterday. Can you guess what is it? It’s an icicle. I wonder what does it mean? May be I am hot? May be I am thirsty? May be it is winter? Do you understand them? What problem we will speak about today? Yes, icicle is a weather sign that’s why we’ll speak about the weather. Yesterday night I tried to understand  a mystery gift. And at last we can find the key.


  1. Основная часть


Let’s  look at the presentation, which can help us to solve this problem.

Cлайды презентации

And now can you tell me what does this gift mean? Yes. The spring will be long this year. Do you know any other weather signs?


  1. Речевая разминка.


Let’s sing a song about the weather. What’s the weather like today?

What’s the weather like today?

Can you say? Can you say?

It’s sunny. It’s sunny today.

  1. Фонетическая зарядка


And now repeat some sounds: [n] -spring, strong, sing, [w]-weather, winter, windy, [к]-cloudy, cold, clean.


  1. Тренировка слуха (аудирование)


Let’s listen to 5 texts about the weather and find the right pictures for them. (1b, 2c, 3e, 4d, 5a)


  1. Тренировка степеней сравнения прилагательных.


There are a lot of adjectives to describe the weather. Let’s compare them. Look at the blackboard and make a comparative and superlative degrees.

Do you remember the digress of comparison of adjectives








  1. Здоровьесберегающие технологии


I think it’s time to have a rest. Физминутка


  1. Работа в парах


Let’s imagine that you travel to different countries. Your friend ring you up and wants to know about the weather in you place. Act out the dialogue in pairs by phone

Take cards which help you during your conversation.

(You are a friend: Where are you? What is the weather there now? What was it yesterday? Was it hot? Was it foggy? Was it windy? Was it rainy? Was it snowy? Was it cloudy?  Was it cold? Was it sunny?)

( You are a traveler: Not bad. It is… It was… Yes, it was. No, it wasn’t.

Sunny, windy, snowy, rainy ,foggy, wonderful.


  1. Игра лото

And now let’s try to make these words-chain to know what weather may be in Russia in different seasons.


  1. Развитие самостоятельности, внимания и мышления


Look at these letters and find out 9 words about weather. The first pupil, who do it will be the winner. Let’s begin.


f a t o v d r c o a
o q s u n n y o l w
g w y l c e f l p a
g e h p d r y d e r
y d j m x s t y s m
r r c l o u d y n f
f a u n z w g h o w
t i k h o t v u w r
g n i b a q b i y t
b y l w i n d y f b


  1. Рефлексия


Do you like our lesson? What was the most difficult task for you today? What exercise was the easiest? What do you like best of all? And now let’s turn out a sheet of paper and read some facts about yourselves. Do you understand my friend’s gift? The spring will be long this year. You should wear warm clothes.


  1. Подведение итога урока .


So, you were very active today. Thank you for your work. Your marks are…And now write down your homework. (W.B. p. 97, ex 5- write words to the pictures, p.99, ex.4- find out the transcriptions to the words, S.B. p. 64 ex.8- learn words by heard, get ready for the dictation.) Watch the weather sign and tell us your weather forecarst. Use your eyes to be weatherwise.

The lesson is over. Good- bye.


Учитель английского языка : Лазуренко О.Н.                      


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